Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Nurture.

Nurture is a non profit organization that gathers individuals interested in getting involved in improving the local Puerto Rican community to discuss the importance of volunteers.

Nurture seeks to connect resources (time, talent, treasure) with existing nonprofit efforts to leverage and amplify the positive impact of organizations.

Nurture reserves the right to determine placement of volunteers. Nurture may choose not to place applicants for any reason, including but not limited to applicants under the age of 18, skills and interests that do not match available opportunities, or if we feel that the best interests of our goals will not be served.


Nature of Agreement.

If you accept the role, you perform all duties on a voluntary basis and you will not receive remuneration or payment for your work - neither the Organization or the Volunteer intend any employment or contractual relationship to be created i.e. you are not an employee, independent contractor or consultant at the Organization.

What the Organization Expects From its Volunteers

Nurture expects that all Volunteers will:

● Support the Nurture’s goals and objectives and do everything in their power to promote and achieve them

● Participate in all orientation and training programs

● Only undertake duties you’re authorized to carry out and always operate under the direction and supervision of nominated staff or and obey reasonable directions and instructions

● Understand and comply with the Nurture’s policies and procedures

● Behave appropriately and courteously to all staff, students and any other party or parties the Organization has relations with

● Notify the organization, in due time, if you wish to change the nature of your contribution

● Be open and honest in all their dealings with the organization

● Comply with local laws at all time

Volunteer Expenses

The Organization will not reimburse the Volunteer for any out-of-pocket expenses the Volunteer may incur in order to carry out any and all tasks related to the Volunteer position; the Volunteer agrees to take on all financial responsibilities related to the position.

Media Agreement

Nurture reserves the right to use all associated documentation of events related to the volunteer position in their website or social media platforms.


The Volunteer agrees to indemnify and hold the Organization harmless against any damages related to the Volunteer’s activity. Additionally, Nurture shall hold the Volunteer harmless against any damages related to the Volunteer’s service.